Lii Sayncheur Flayshii

Arrow Belt of the Michif Nation

Finger-weaving is a method of thread-twining that originated with the Algonquin Peoples of Eastern Canada. Using only their hands, fingerweavers create solid decorative shapes including arrowheads, diamonds, flames and lightning bolts. This traditional skill is used to make sturdy belts, bands, handles, straps and bags. Each piece is unique, and can be used for a number of decorative purposes, and the methods range from simple to challenging as you advance through the patterns.


Kalyn Kodiak, Aapihkayhk Michif, Alberta Canada

Aapikayahk Michif (Metis Weaver)

Kalyn Kodiak

Kalyn Kodiak is a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta, a Traditional and Clinical Herbalist, a Weaver of Ceintures Fléchées (Arrow Sash belts), a teacher and knowledge keeper. A proud Two-Spirited Metis Femme, Kalyn serves as President of the Alberta Herbalists Association. She cherishes humans in all our forms, supporting her community to become closer to Creator through the Medicines given to us. You can attend a plant walk or workshop with Kalyn through her website, .

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Metis Finger-Weaving (Pre-order) Workshop

  • 2

    Metis Fingerweaving - Free Preview

  • 3

    History & Significance of the Metis Sash

    • History & Significance of the Metis Sash

    • Michif Lexicon for Metis Sash Weaving

  • 4

    Chapter #1 - Choosing your Materials

    • Types of Yarn to Use in Fingerweaving

  • 5

    NEW! Chapter #2 - "Tying On"

    • Chapter #2 Video - "Tying On"

  • 6

    NEW! Chapter #3 - The Stipple Pattern

    • Chapter #3 Video: Stipple Pattern #1, 2 colors

    • Chapter #3: Stipple Pattern #2, Red River Colors

  • 7

    Troubleshooting Tips

    • Chapter #6 Video: Troubleshooting for Fingerweavers

  • 8

    NEW! Chapter #4 - Diagonal Stripe Pattern

    • Chapter #4 Video: Diagonal Stripe Pattern

  • 9

    Chapter #5 - Arrow Pattern

    • Arrow/Chevron Pattern Uploaded

    • Chapter #5 Video: Arrow Pattern

  • 10

    Chapter #6 - Lightning Bolt Pattern

    • Chapter #7 Video: Lightning Bolt Pattern

  • 11

    Chapter #8 - Advanced Finger-Weaving

    • Chapter #8 Video: Weaving Backwards - Diamonds, Bullseyes & Triangles

    • Chapter # 8 Video: Advanced Fingerweaving: Combining Patterns