Lii Sayncheur Flayshii

Arrow Belt of the Michif Nation

Finger-weaving is a method of thread-twining that originated with the Algonquin Peoples of Eastern Canada. Using only their hands, fingerweavers create solid decorative shapes including arrowheads, diamonds, flames and lightning bolts. This traditional skill is used to make sturdy belts, bands, handles, straps and bags. Each piece is unique, and can be used for a number of decorative purposes, and the methods range from simple to challenging as you advance through the patterns.


Kalyn Kodiak, Aapihkayhk Michif, Alberta Canada

Aapikayhk Michif (Metis Weaver), Herbalist

Kalyn Kodiak

A proud Métis and two-spirit person, Kalyn is descended from a lineage of healers, teachers and artists. She is a founding member and the current president of the Alberta Herbalists Association. Kalyn spends her days immersed in the lifelong learning of Métis traditional medicine and cultural arts. She began working with plant medicines at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing in 2006, and became a Clinical Herbalist at Wild Rose in 2012. Walking on the edge of two worlds, Kalyn is a student of Michif Lifeways and modern western medical research regarding phytochemicals. She is a resource on traditional medicines to the Métis communities of southern Alberta, and aen aapikayahk sayncheur flayshii (Métis sash weaver). Kalyn loves to teach and hosts workshops in health and herbs, Métis traditions, plant identification and cultural art. She has been honoured to visit numerous schools, youth and community groups as a culture teacher and herbalist. She is a passionate guide to locals and tourists who wish to learn about the Métis of southern Alberta.

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