Good Living From Our Grandmothers

Plants that heal, feed, and protect us

Lii Bonn Michinn is traditional medicine of the Metis people, an indigenous people of the Canadian prairies. 

Lii Bonn Michinn was formed & influenced through teachings from many First Nations & European cultures, passed down from mothers to their children. 

A form of 'Bush Medicine", Lii Bonn Michinn Varies mildly by region and family, & teaches to live in a good way, to be healthy in mind, body, and heart.

Learn how the Metis connection to land, place, plants, animals, & community all play a role in healing through the traditions of Metis plant medicine.

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Michif (French-Cree) language for plant names & historical uses of traditional medicines are included in this course. Scroll down to view the full curriculum & meet the instructor, a Metis Herbalist from Alberta, Canada.

Michif Herbalist Kalyn Kodiak

Instructor, Knowledge Keeper

Aapikayahk Michif (Metis Weaver)

Kalyn Kodiak

Kalyn Kodiak is a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta, a Traditional and Clinical Herbalist, a Weaver of Ceintures Fléchées (Arrow Sash belts), a teacher and knowledge keeper. A proud Two-Spirited Metis Femme, Kalyn serves as President of the Alberta Herbalists Association. She cherishes humans in all our forms, supporting her community to become closer to Creator through the Medicines given to us. You can attend a plant walk or workshop with Kalyn through her website, .

Course curriculum

Instructor Kalyn Kodiak, Metis Herbalist & Knowledge Keeper

  • 1

    Metis Traditional Medicine Is Now Live

    • Welcome to Metis Traditional Medicine

  • 2

    Lesson 1: Li Bonn Michinn - Metis Medicine

    • Metis Medicine Teaching with Kalyn Kodiak

    • Metis Medicine Teaching with Kalyn Kodiak (April 2021)

  • 3

    Lesson 2: Lii Sayzoons di Michifs (Seasons of the Metis)

    • Lii Sayzoons di Michifs - Seasons of the Metis - Our Traditions & Stories

    • Praentaan - Metis Springtime Traditions

    • L'Ivayr - Metis Winter Traditions

    • Litii - Metis Summer Traditions

    • Latonn - Metis Autumn Traditions

  • 4

    Lesson 4: Michif Medicine Colorable Guidebook

    • Li Bonn Michinn - Colourable Guidebook

    • Metis Medicine Colorable GuideBook Download

  • 5

    Lesson 5: Lii Raasins di li Praentaan (Herbs of Spring)

    • Video: Planten Medicine

    • Planten - Notes

    • Ithkapaskwa

    • Li Fy di Fraanbwayz

    • Fwaen di Poul

    • Li Boum Ste. Anne

  • 6

    Lesson 6: Lii Raasins di L'itii (Herbs of Summer)

    • Wapanew Askwa - Notes

    • Fwayn dii Buflo - Notes

    • Sepako wehkaskwa - Sage - Notes

  • 7

    Lesson 7: Lii Raasins di L'atonn (Herbs of Autumn)

    • Lii Bonn Tii Rooz - Notes

    • Dilet Naarbahz

  • 8

    Lesson 8: Lii Raasins di L'yvayr (Herbs of Winter)

    • Chalef Argent - Notes

    • Metos Poshakan - Tree Fungus - Notes

    • Lii Sayd - Cedar - Notes

    • Mathamitos

  • 9

    Lesson 9: Michinn Recipes

    • Video: Muskehke Wapwe

  • 10

    Lesson 10: Glossary of Michif Terms

    • Glossary of Michif Terms

  • 11

    More Metis Medicine & Culture

    • Metis Traditional Medicine - Wolf Willow & the Metis Rosary

    • History of the Metis Sash (Sayncheur Flayshii)