Wolf Willow - The Metis Rosary Bush

"Chalef Argent" / "Chalef Changent" (Wolf Willow in the Michif Language)

Course Content: Silverberries or wolf-willow berries are traditionally used to make beautiful natural rosaries by Metis people of the Canadian Prairies. These sweet, sparkly berries decorate clothing, jewelry, regalia and religious items. Powerful medicine is made from this lovely silvery tree. We even make a traditional dessert from the nutritious berries!

Following along with the 5-part video series, you will learn to prepare the berries from scratch to make beads, medicinal tea and silverberry fudge. You can then make your own rosary, prayer beads or necklace. A video profile describes where to find wolf willow and how the Metis use this plant for healing.

Participants receive: a package of silverberries & jewelry making supplies via mail. Downloadable recipes & wolf willow monograph list the many food and medicine benefits of this culturally significant prairie plant.

This online video workshop is appropriate for all ages. Youth may require the supervision of an adult to process the berries and pierce the beads. Shipping of supplies is free within Canada. Please include your shipping address in the checkout area or email Kalyn@KodiakHerbal.com for more information/instructions.

Course curriculum

Welcome to Kodiak Herbal

  • 1

    You're on the Waitlist for Metis Wolf Willow Rosary Workshop !

    • Welcome to Metis Wolf Willow Rosary

    • How to use this Thinkific Course

    • Kodiak Herbal Metis Health & Culture

    • Metis Wolf Willow Rosary Workshop Contents

  • 2

    Metis Traditional Medicine - Lii Bonn Michinn

    • Metis Traditional Medicine - Lii Bonn Michinn

  • 3

    Wolf Willow: The Rosary Bush

    • Wolf Willow (Elaeagnus commutata) Species Monograph

  • 4

    Where the Wolf Willow Grows - Species Identification

    • Where the Wolf Willow Grows - Species Identification

  • 5

    Food, Medicine & Tool Uses of Wolf Willow

    • Food, Medicine & Tool Uses of Wolf Willow

  • 6

    Gathering Medicine

    • Safe & Ethical Wild Harvesting

  • 7

    The Michif Rosary

    • How to Say the Rosary

    • The Metis Rosary - History & Stories

  • 8

    Cleaning & Processing Wolf Willow

    • Cleaning & Processing Wolf Willow Seeds for Beads

  • 9

    Beading the Rosary

    • Creating Your Rosary

  • 10

    Wolf Willow Video Recipes

    • Wolf Willow Video Recipes

  • 11

    Glossary of Michif Terms (French-Cree)

    • Glossary

  • 12

    More Michif Medicine & Culture

    • This content is anticipated in April 2021.