Metis Sash Loom Weaving

with Kalyn Kodiak, aapihkayhk sayncheur flayshii (Michif sash weaver)

This workshop includes your very own loom and supplies, a series of videos to lead you through the design, warping, & weaving processes, & 2 pre-recorded  video teachings with the instructor.

Become a part of the “I Made My Own Sash” club with this special on-line edition of the Metis Sash Loom Weaving workshop.

Create your custom sayncheur flayshii (Metis sash) on an artisan hand loom. This is a wonderful cultural workshop with a “follow along at your own pace” vibe.

How It Works

Along with teachings about the history and meaning of the “Arrow Belt”, we provide looms, yarn and other supplies to get you started via Canada Post.

In a series of videos, we’ll begin with a starter project - a Red River arrow scarf - and work our way up to creating your personalized version of the famous red river sash, based on L’Assomption sashes worn by Red River traders in the 1800’s. Yarn for the second project (sash) is provided by the participant, so you can choose your own colors and fibres.

Live video teachings were recorded in 2021, to provide additional information on the cultural uses and history of the Metis sash. A discussion forum and Facebook group are available for questions & clarification. Troubleshooting and problem-solving for weavers are an important part of this beginner-level workshop. All skill levels are welcome to join us.

Details & Registration:

Looms can be ordered any time before or during the Months of May-July, 2020. Videos are hosted by . Groups & Schools are welcome to attend this workshop, with a discount for groups of 10+ or 20+ participants.

How to Register

 There are 3 ways to Register:

Through kodiakherbal.thinkific.comwhich operates through PayPal; or

Send an email to kalyn@kodiakherbal.comalong with the number of participants. We’ll send you an invoice which can be paid via e-transfer or credit card.

Individuals can also sign up via this page, fees will be processed in USD funds.

All registration options will alert us to contact you via email to collect your name and shipping address (so we can send you your loom).

Workshop Cost 

$260 includes your loom and supplies, shipping within most of Canada, instructional online video series, and 2 live recorded teachings. Prices are listed in USD on .

If you already have a loom from a previous Kodiak Herbal Loom weaving workshop, you can join this workshop for $50/person. Please contact directly to inquire.

If you have your own hand loom and know how to tie-on for craft-weight yarn, you can use your own loom and save $100 off the workshop price ($160/per person). Please contact directly to inquire.

Shipping Looms

 The average shipping time for looms & supplies is 1 week across most of Canada. Shipping to the Maritime provinces, Territories, Quebec or International will be assessed on an individual basis. Please email for a quote.

Pricing options

Regular price includes video course, Loom and supplies + shipping in Canada. Please contact for international shipping estimates.

Course curriculum